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Software Development and Substitute Form Information

This section of the Kentucky Department of Revenue website is designed to provide information to the tax software development and substitute forms design community.  Click on the links to the left or below for additional information on any of the topics.

Announcements and Important Dates

  • Letter of Intent (LOI) for Substitute Forms Design is not available at this time.  Substitute forms for review/approval will not be accepted until the LOI is posted. 
  • 5/16/2016 - Forms for Substitute Forms Design will be posted as they become available
  • May 2016 - Forms Committee meetings are underway
  • 2/4/2016 - BMF Production start date
  • 2/4/2016 - Revised KYBusiness2015v0.4 to change FormLLETKC element SubsFEIN to TINType.  Approved for ATS and Production immediately.
  • 1/30/2016 - Revised KYBusiness2015v0.4 and approved for Production use when it starts on 2/4/2016.  Version is approved for use in ATS immediately.  The revision was to add the 4562K as an optional form in the 765GP schema.  Version did not change. 
  • ATS start date for 720SL and 765GP is 1/25/2016
  • 1/21/2016 - Revised KYBusiness2015v0.4 posted to make 720SL - PreparerSignature element optional - No change to schema version; Effective immediately 
  • Kentucky efile start dates: BMF begins 01/25/2016 UPDATE:  BMF start date postponed to 2/4/2016
  • Kentucky efile start dates:  IMF efile begins 01/19/2016
  • Kentucky e-File start dates:  Kentucky will participate in the IMF Controlled Launch on 01/15/2016
  • BMF ATS for 720, 720-S and 765 start date 12/21/2015
  • Revised schema KYBusiness2015v0.4 released on 12/21/2015 and effective immediately 
  • Business Schema/efile update:  Form 725 will not be accepted for efile in tax year 2015. The 725 schema maturity level is being changed to draft in the business schema.  Form 720, 720-S, 765, 765-GP and 720-SL will be available for efile.  KY Pub 4163 has been revised.
  • Revised schema KYIndividual2015v0.4 released on 12/01/2015 and will be effective on 12/04/2015 for ATS testing. 
  • IMF ATS begins 11/02/2015; BMF start date TBD 
  • Posted KYBusiness2015v.03 on 10/30/2015
  • Posted KYBusiness2015v.02 and TY2015 BMF Reject Codes on 10/28/2015 
  • Interest for 2016 will remain the same
  • Last day to efile through IMF for TY2014 is 11/21/2015; Last day to efile through BMF for TY2014 is 12/26/2015
  • KY Pre-Production IMF schema is available upon request.  Contact to request a copy
  • Posted TY2015 KY Publication 4163 and TY2015 KY Publication 4164 on 10/17/2015
  • Posted TY2015 IMF Reject Codes on 10/09/2015  Posted the Statement of Intent for Business Income Tax Software Development on 10/08/2015; Accepting SOI's beginning 10/08/2015
  • Posted the  Statement of Intent for Individual Income 
  • Marked draft forms/instructions appropriately where pending federal legislation applies
  • Tax Software Development and Business Rules on 10/07/2015; Accepting SOI's beginning 10/07/2015 
  • Posted 2D Barcode information on 09/10/2015; Testing date 09/17/2015
  • Posted KY Publication 1345 on 09/04/2015
  • What's New for Tax Year 2015?  [PDF 33K] (Revision posted on 10-13-2015)
  • Substitute forms review/approval in draft starts on 07/01/2015
  • Posted Statement of Intent for Substitute Forms Development on 07/01/2015; Accepting completed statements


Last Updated 5/16/2016