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Current Year Withholding Tax Forms

Important Notice

The Kentucky Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld, forms 42A801- (K-1), 42A803 - (K-3), 42A801E - (K-1E), and 42A803E - (K-3E) are not available online or by fax.  The forms are scannable forms for processing purposes.  Failure to use the original forms delay processing, could lead to transposition errors and may cause your return to be considered late.  If the original is lost, please call (502)564-7287, or visit one of the Department of Revenue's offices for replacement.

Downloadable Forms & Instructions

Withholding Tax Instructions for Employers - Form 42A003 3564KB
Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld - Amended K-1 Return - Form 42A801(D) 39K
Employer's Return of Income Tax Withheld - Amended K-3 Return - Form 42A803(D) 40K
Form K-4 Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate - Form 42A804 17K
Form K-4A Withholding Exemptions for Excess Itemized Deductions - Form 42A804-A 35K
Form K-4E Special Withholding Exemption Certificate - For use by employees who anticipate no tax liability for the current year - Form 42A804-E (5-29-15) 55K
Form K-4M Nonresident Military Spouse Withholding Tax Exemption Certificate 72K
Transmitter Report for Filing KY Wage Statements - Form 42A806 64K
Form K-4FC Fort Campbell Exemption Certificate - For use by a Fort Campbell, KY employee who is not a resident of KY - Form 42A807 67K
Authorization to Submit Employees Annual Wage Statements Via DOR Web Site - Form 42A808 42K
Certificate of Nonresidence - Form 42A809 68K
Order form for Federal & Ky Wage & Tax Statement - Forms W-2/K-2 - Form 42D003 204K
Withholding Tax Refund Application - Form 42A815 44K
PTE-WH - Kentucky Nonresident Income Tax Withholding on Net Distributive Share Income- Form 40A200-PTE-WH 65K
740NP-WH - Kentucky Nonresident Income Tax WIthholding on Net Distributive Share Income Transmittal Report - Form 40A201 89K
KREDA Annual Report - Form 42A811 47K
KIDA Annual Report - Form 42A812 47K
KJDA Annual Report - Form 42A813 47K
KIRA Annual Report-Form 42A814 47K
KEOZ Annual Report - Form 42A816 47K
KJRA Annual Report - Form 42A817 25K
KBI Annual Report - Form 42A818 25K



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DOR Contacts if you require forms not included in this list.



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Last Updated 5/29/2015
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