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Department of Revenue Contacts

Contact the Department of Revenue

For General Assistance: (502) 564-4581
Text Telephone TTY: (502) 564-3058

Live Chat for Sales, Withholding or Individual Income Tax Only

Other Contacts
  • Department of Revenue Taxpayer Service Centers
    • If you have a past due tax debt...
      Contact the Department of Revenue's Division of Collections to discuss your past due tax liabilities.
      Contact: Email       Phone (502) 564-4921
  • Voluntary Disclosure
    Taxpayers may remain anonymous throughout the voluntary disclosure process. For more information on voluntary disclosure,
    Contact: Email       Phone (502) 564-4921
  • Taxpayer Ombudsman
    It is the role of the Ombudsman to assist you with a fair and equitable resolution and to ensure that your rights as a taxpayer are upheld.
    Contact: Email       Phone (502) 564-7822
                               or by TTY: (502) 564-3058
  • Protest & Appeals
    Contact the Protest Resolution Branch within the Office of Processing and Enforcement, Division of Collections, to discuss protest and appeals procedures:
  • Property Tax:   Email      Phone (502) 564-6734

    Corporation and Individual Income Tax: 
                         Email      Phone (502) 564-6734

    Sales and Use Taxes:
                         Email      Phone (502) 564-6734

  • To register a business, update tax account information or to cancel accounts...
    Contact the Department of Revenue's Business Registration section.
    Contact: Email       Phone (502) 564-3306

    Last Updated 1/4/2016