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Business Information

Register a Business

Register a Business/Update Account Information/Cancel Accounts by completing the appropriate forms and returning them to the Department of Revenue.

Voluntary Disclosure

Do you have a delinquent filing or tax obligation with the Commonwealth of Kentucky? Click on the Voluntary Disclosure link to find out how you can disclose your obligation to the Department of Revenue.

Sales and Use Tax

Sales & Use Tax provides links to Electronic Filing and Payment Options, downloadable forms and instructions, important information on your Sales & Use Tax Return that you receive in the mail, access to Sales Tax Facts and the Sales & Use Tax Insert.

Corporation Income Tax

Corporation Income Tax provides links to download Corporation Income Tax forms and instructions and links to important information on Legislation passed in 2005. 

Pass Through Entities Tax

Pass Through Entities Tax provides information on Partnerships, S-Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.

Tobacco Tax

Tobacco Taxes provides information on taxing cigarettes, other tobacco products (OTP), cigarette papers and snuff. Links are available to download forms applicable to these taxes. Information on the Master Settlement Agreement Tobacco Directory is also available.

Motor Fuels Tax

Motor Fuels Tax provides links to download Motor Fuels Tax forms.

Motor Vehicle Usage Tax

Motor Vehicle Usage Tax provides links to downloadable Motor Vehicle Usage Tax forms, Motor Vehicle Usage Tax Laws and Regulations and Kentucky Vehicle Licensing Information.

Other Business Taxes


Last Updated 3/14/2016